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“I initially contacted EZ Rail about buying their single post railing for a backyard one step drop. We discussed it further and they suggested a modified two post rail.  They sent me a drawing of that rail that met my height requirements. We agreed on that design, they built it and shipped it out a few days later. It arrived with all the necessary concrete anchors and only needed painting.  With a hammer drill it was a fairly simple install into concrete, but had to shim it somewhat with stainless steel washers since my concrete tapered off somewhat.  I knew that would be the case. However, it is sturdy and blends in well with our deck.Good company to work with. First contact to receipt of rail, just over a week.”

From the Festa Family

I would like to take a moment, to thank you and all the folks  at EZ rail  that  were involved in this order. From order entry, to shipment…  including 1 extra  bolt  just in case (a person with a like mind  ), it was a pleasure.  As our family is growing , some members are aging, as well as young children bopping around.  We realized we will require a railing  .We explored every option  and I was about set to rebuild the house and deck  to get a railing to fit properly…
We had a tight deadline as my daughter’s birthday party was this past Saturday, and we wanted all intact for this event  You meticulously  went over every measurement until we understood clearly  what was the safest and best solution  for our needs.  The box arrived and we  quickly dry fit it in place and chuckled  (that’s it) it cant be that simple  ?????
My wife spent a few days finish coating it to match the existing railing (it looks like a Rembrandt). Attached is a picture of our work (both yours and  ours).  You made our job very easy and we received several compliments at the birthday party.
We will be a returning customer and have already recommended you personally . I thank you for your professionalism as well as great customer service.

From Tom

The whole process from start to finish went smoothly. I especially liked the variety of custom designs available on your web site, and the ease of tweaking one, going back and forth with Toni, till the design was perfect for me.   The parts arrived in a few short days in perfect condition, and exactly what was ordered.   I used the drill-in method. After trying a 3/8″ hammer drill with 3 jaw chuck for a couple of starter holes,, I quickly decided to go get a Harbor Freight 1″ variable speed SDS Rotary Hammer w/ chisel function for $60.00 ( $75.00 – 20%) plus bits—worked like a dream!

From Jim T…

We had a wonderful 3-day weekend here in Indianapolis, and I took the opportunity to attach your EZ Railing to our swim spa steps.  It looks very nice and it is certainly sturdy.  Thanks for all of your help.

From Mark J ….

I usually don’t send e-mails to companies that I purchase products from.  But when I was told by my insurance company that I needed railings for my porch I went to the big box stores and only found garbled metal messes or local iron guys that wanted up to three thousand dollars for fancy designs.  I wanted something basic and stylish which I found with your product.  Not only did I find your product was what I needed but the instructions for your product were the best I have ever dealt with.  Most instructions are to hard to follow and yours were spot on.

Thank you for your company’s product and instructions.

From Reagan in NY …

I am very pleased with the railing that has been painted to blend with the steps and the vinyl siding on the house.  I thought you might like to see how nice it goes with the composite steps and the house.

The top upright is bolted through the composite step and the bottom has lag screws.  The rail is very well anchored to the steps and extremely sturdy.    All of the bolts and screws are stainless steel.

The rail and bolts took the Krylon outdoor paint very well.

Thank you for a very nice product.

Kind regards,

From Dale …

I’ve attached a picture of the handrail that you all fabricated for us. We installed it and it looks good. We used Tapcon screws as opposed to the expansion lag screws. I think this worked well as it didn’t crack the bricks. The installation looks good and is very sturdy.Thanks for your help.

From Devin in Maryland …

I want to thank you folks for helping me with this project. An elderly lady had fallen because the rail didn’t make it to the top step. We seemed to communicate well enough for you to make me this additional piece so I was able to attach it to the original piece, and reinstall the same railing in the same position. I’m not bragging about my fabrication skills, but I am pleased when I can communicate effectively.Thanks again.

Zfab comments … we put a lot of thought into this little section not even two foot long. I was thrilled to see the pictures. Devin did a fantastic job I can’t even see where the connection was made and I know where it is supposed to be. I’m pretty sure the customer didn’t weld this. We gave him a little extra steel on the end in case he needed to cut. He cut off the old rail, bent the flat bar straight, and connected this with screws. I’m impressed and we are so glad we could help.

From Austin …

I would like to thank you for providing this custom handrail that is now installed. Great service and a great product. Thanks again for your excellent customer service.
Zfab Comment: The customer needed something like a wall rail for safety but didn’t want to attach to the wall. Their installation worked out great. They also told us they were intially concerned about stability but their concerns were put to rest when they installed the rail. If you notice they got a customized rail to conform to their particular steps. We often get orders like this. We tell you what measurements we need, email proof drawings, and build according to your needs. Things have worked out well for customers. Thanks Austin for sending a picture back, great job on the install.

From Alaric … Thank you for providing a superior, very sturdy product, as advertised. My free-standing stair railing went together easily, and is in service.

A couple of shots of the finished job for your interest and use.

Zfab Comment: Thanks for these kind words. By the way we love the paint job!

From Mike … Two years ago I ordered from Zottola Fab and was pleased with the result, so I used them again recently for a custom order. When I received the completed package, the specifications were not exactly to my order. How many times in that situation do you hear “you can make it fit” or “we only followed your directions”? Well, when I called, there was none of that. I was sent a return UPS label, and the order was corrected and returned to me within ten days. I lost a little time, but no additional expense, and I gained a greater respect for the job that Zottola Fab does. I will use them again.

From Martie… Attached are a couple of pictures of the EZ handrail that I purchased (installed and painted). I appreciate the fast turnaround and delivery time! I ordered Monday, it shipped Wednesday and arrived Friday. I installed and painted it Saturday so it was quick! All in all, I am very satisfied. Thank you!

Note to future customers: Railings are not always completed this quickly. We do not build railings everyday, her order happened to come in just before we built a new batch of orders. In other cases it may take up to five business days, it all depends on our work schedule.

From a recent customer: “I thought I would share the outcome of my railings. It worked out just fine.”
Here is the gallery

From Francis: Thank you Zottola Fab! My experience with your company was as easy as installing your railing. Your service rep. was very helpful with her knowledge and made several drawings to help me get this very awkward set of steps, a quality, very sturdy railing that looks beautiful. I am so impressed I sent this note, something I have never done to acknowledge any other product or service. Thanks again.

From Eileen: I am an insurance agent that writes many homeowner policies in Long Island NY. I just wanted to let you know that I have been recommending your phone number and web address to many of my clients. When an insurance company gets a new home to write they all do an inspection on the house. Many come back that the insured must install railings on their steps which can be an expense they are not expecting. Clients have obtained quotes for local companies to install the railings and the price is approximately $800.00 to $1,000 for purchase and installation. I have given my clients your information and they have been ordering railings from you and installing them themselves. They have been very pleased with what they have received and told me installation was very easy. I just wanted to let you know that I will continue to recommend you to my clients and hope you will be around for a long time as this has made my job a lot easier dealing with clients when I have to tell them they must put railings up.

From Jason: I just wanted you to know that I installed an one of your EZ rails. We have steps in our front yard leading to the mail box. The price for your railings are really affordable and it was easy to install. I’m really thankful to have this rail because my wife is seven months pregnant and expecting in February! With no railing those steps would be seriously hazardous during the winter months. A big thanks to the team at Zottola Fab.

From Mike: I have received both rail packages. It’s too cold to install them right now but they look good and everything that I expected to receive is there. When it is sometimes an unwanted adventure to get what should be the simplest things done I entered this transaction with some concern. Looking back there was no need for worry. Thanks again

From Tanya–Hi Toni……. we received our rails today and they are perfect!! The weight is absolutely a great surprise……. they are much sturdier than I anticipated and am so grateful to have found your company. Thank you for your speedy service and quality product.

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