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Grab Rail Standard Steel Flat Bar


EZ Grab Rails are great for 1 or 2 steps when you can attach to a structure or a strong post.  With only two bolts you can secure to a wall or column.

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Introducing our revamped EZ grab rail!  We still use the same sturdy materials as before, but we have modified the support bar to have a gentle curve–all this and a 15% price drop!  Please compare to our competitors and notice the thickness of materials.  Ours might cost more to ship but then again they are heavier.

The EZ Grab Rail is a standard stock item that has a set pitch matching the most common step rise and run of 7 over 12 inches. Please note that it is available in crown molding or aluminum as well.  It should be appropriate for most customers who have just one or two small rises/steps. You will need to attach directly to a wall, strong post, or column. As with other EZ Rail products you’ll find it surprisingly sturdy.

  • The steel rail is made from 1-1/2 inch by 3/8 inch steel flat bar.
  • The support bar is strong 1/2 square bar.
  • The Aluminum is 1-1/2 inch by 1/2 flat bar. (separate listing)
  • The Crown Molding is comprised of a crown molding cap which is stitch welded to a 1 inch “c” channel underneath making it very strong and giving you superb hand hold.  (separate listing)
  • The Aluminum Crown Molding is similar to the steel style but is much lighter and made of pure rustproof aluminum.  (separate listing)
This makes the EZ Grab Rail much stronger than other do-it-yourself options.  By default steel products are shipped pre-coated with gray primer and aluminum comes as bare metal.  If you request you can have your aluminum rail with primer or get the steel products as bare metal.
Bare aluminum can be treated with aluminum polish and bare steel can be treated with linseed or other type oils.
We recommend using a spray or brush on enamel paint available at a retail paint or hardware store. Installation is simple. Set the height to 2 foot 10 inches above the nosing of the step. Mark and drill your holes. Lag into solid wood or use sleeve anchors in block and brick walls. Not recommended for attachment to interior drywall unless you can hit blocking or a stud.
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 5 in
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