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Why don’t you offer railings with finished paint? We have opted not to provide the option of pre-painting for customers.  We believe that the chances of scuffing during shipping and installation will result in an unsatisfactory experience.  Also the average person can finish paint these railings with minimal expense and effort.

What sort of paint should I use over the primer? Oil based enamels are excellent either spray or brush — it’s your preference.  Latex paints are also acceptable.  Remember to consider where your rail is being used and get either an interior or exterior paint product. You also want a paint that is durable.  Scratches can be caused by rings, yard equipment, furniture, and any scratch in the paint should be attended to prevent rust.

I thought you couldn’t use latex over an oil base? That is true for paints but not for primer.  Oil base primers can be used to create a new adhesion surface which is able to accept latex paint.

What should I do to maintain my railing? A little maintenance prevents a lot of work or total loss of your railing.  By examining your railing closely each year and sanding down any rust and touching up those areas you can prevent destructive rust that would ruin your railing.  After several years when your paint is looking old and dull you will want to scuff, clean and repaint your railing.

Can I get a bare metal steel railing? Of course, however you shouldn’t expect it to hold up in outdoor conditions.  However, there are several oils and products that could provide beautiful natural looking finishes for interior uses.  For example, linseed oil.

What about powder coating? The slick look of powder coating can be very attractive and done right it can provide a high quality protective coating.  It has been our own personal experience that this type of finish works better with aluminum products.  We have seen several cases of expensive coatings being ruined after a few short months.

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