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Learn about the ordering process in five easy steps! Please add us to your favorites or bookmark us now so you can easily find us when your ready to order!

Step One:

Download any of the three guides which apply to you.

Measure for Base Plate Rail

Measure for 3 Post Rail

Measure for Wall Rail

Step Two:

Use your downloaded guide(s) to gather your info! A little upfront work saves you time in communicating with us. In fact with the right info at checkout most orders can be completely automated! Here is a list of the info you need.

  • Type of railing–wall rail, standard EZ rail or EZ rail with base plate
  • Nose to nose measurement–applies to all railing!
  • Number of steps–applies to all railing
  • Anchoring hardware–if necessary
  • If necessary drawings and/or digital pictures for customization

Step Three:

Return to the web site or call the office to complete your railing order

PayPal logo credit cards acceptedOur site is secured with alpha SSL certificate and credit card information is handled through PayPal, so both your account and credit card information are keep very secure.

With Paypal you can process a credit card without creating an account.

Step Four:

If you’ve not done so already download the instructions for the method you have chosen. One or more of these four: Base Plate EZ Rail Installation Guide or In Ground Installation Guide or Drill Method Installation Guide, or  Wall Rail Installation Guide

Step Five:

Expect your rail to be custom built and shipped out in 3-5 days. It should arrive UPS ground in just a few days. Need expedited shipping? You must process your order over the phone.

How do we process orders so quickly? Everything is done in our shop from receiving the order, to making the rail, to shipping it out. Many standard parts are made ahead of time. The railing itself isn’t made ahead of time because it will be fabricated to the exact size you need based on the measurements you provide.

Customization may take longer but are still processed quickly. Finally, there is nothing left to do except to install that railing! We love to hear feedback from our customers and post pictures of your successful installations here on the website.

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